Shannagh & John’s Wedding – Dodford Manor


“Rachael did my wedding photography and all of the pictures are wonderful. She worked very hard to get the perfect shots and was so lovely and helpful on the day.
Thank you Rachael.”


A beautiful sunny Thursday, fantastic views of the nearby Northamptonshire landscape and the stunning rustic barns of Dodford manor were the settings for John & Shannagh’s wedding.

The day started off with me leaving the house in bright pink flip flops so a quick return to the house was needed to grab my shoes. I still got to Shannagh with plenty of time to capture her getting ready though.

Shannagh had the perfect dress to show off her bump and the bridesmaids were dressed in purple that was also matched by Shannagh’s lovely Granny 🙂

John was calm as he awaited the arrival of his bride and for the ceremony to begin.

All was going well until the best man, Cailean, stepped up to deliver the rings. As he opened his palm, John reached over to grab Shannagh’s ring when all of a sudden a clang rang out in the barn. Yes John dropped the ring!!
He did manage to recover it though and the ceremony continued without a hitch.

John & Shannagh had probably the greatest best mans speech I’ve heard at a wedding. Mainly because it was written by the groom and the best man had to read whatever was written for him.
It turns out he had to do it as a rap and then down a pint at the end!

They had a beautiful, simple wedding cake surrounded by more amazing cakes!!! And had a fabulous first dance.

Congratulations to Shannagh, John and baby O’Toole-Wilson 😉

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