My 5 Favourite Shots of 2016

As 2016 comes to an end I thought this would be a great opportunity to take a look back at what were my 5 most favourite shots of the year and it wasn’t easy to whittle them down to just 5!
For me it has mostly been a year of learning and exploring with this being my first year in business as a photographer and I have definitely learnt a lot.
In 2017 I’m looking forward to all the weddings and shoots already booked and everyone I am yet to meet.


Bohemian Bridal Shoot Northampton Weddings
Great posing from Michelle and the tulips really pop against the green background. It’s like she’s one with nature.


What I love about this photo is how happy they both look. This is mother and daughter at the daughters 30th birthday party and they look so content. They really were a lovely family and I had a great time photographing their party.


This photo captures a perfect moment and both their personalities.


There were some wonderful shots taken at Christina and Joe’s engagement shoot but this one just makes me smile.


Getting the opportunity to work with an experienced model in a brilliant studio really helped me develop my photography skills. I had a wonderful day with Valerie Hayley that produced some excellent shots.
I also received recognition for this photo from judges of a competition I entered.


This makes the list more for its technical qualities. When I was searching for ideas for Joe and Christina’s engagement shoot, I came across a photo that I thought would be perfect and immediately wanted to try it and the result was fantastic!

Extra Bonus

I just love this shot but I can’t really explain why. Maybe it just reminds me of a great day out and how amazing the Devil’s Horsemen performed.

Happy New Year Everyone – Here’s to an exciting and eventful 2017!


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